racattack, meet ansible-oracle!

A while back I was approached by Jeremy Schneider, who is one of the original contributors to the racattack project and he wanted to know if I was interested in integrating ansible-oracle with the RAC Attack automation project, and of course I was!

The idea was to provide a completely hands off installation of an Oracle RAC cluster, from VM creation to a fully configured cluster, and that is what we’re happy to be able to provide.

So Alvaro Miranda and I have been working on getting racattack-ansible-oracle going. Alvaro wrote the original packer/vagrant code for the Vagrant version of Racattack and then we’ve integrated ansible-oracle with that.

The actual integration worked straight away, so we’ve been weeding out edge cases and making it as easy and flexible to use as possible.
As of now it is possible to install, &, which are the releases currently supported by ansible-oracle. As more releases are supported by ansible-oracle, they will also work with racattack-ansible-oracle.

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