ansible-oracle broken with Ansible >=1.7 (updated)

Updated 2014-09-25

This is no longer true, and it is perfectly fine to use Ansible 1.7 to run these roles.

The reason for this post yesterday was that a change in behaviour in the shell module caused the GI/DB server installations to fail. This because jobs that got put in the background where no longer being waited on in Ansible 1.7 (which is the correct behaviour, the behaviour in 1.6 was erroneous)
That meant that when runInstaller kicked off the installation and started the java program that performs the actual installation Ansible was only waiting for the foreground process (the shellscript runInstaller) to finish and then move on to the next task, which was running But since the installation never finished, the script wasn’t there and the task failed -> the entire play failed.

This has been fixed and there should be no problems to run the roles.


This will be a really short post..

So, it turns out that the part of the roles that uses the shell module to kick off the Oracle installations via runInstaller stopped working in Ansible >= 1.7. Not sure why but for now, stay on 1.6.10 if you want this to work.

The easiest way to get to that version is to run this (you need to install any version of Ansible first, though):

ansible localhost -m pip -a "name=ansible version=1.6.10 state=present" -s

First post

So, about a decade after everyone else I thought I’d give this blogging thing a go.
My name is Mikael Sandström and I’m an Oracle Database engineer working and living in Stockholm, Sweden.

I guess this will be mostly about tech stuff that interests me, like Oracle, Infrastructure, Virtualization, Automation, Configuration Management, Software defined whatevers. Maybe also other stuff, we’ll see.